Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Is Trump getting us into another war this time with Iran so he will be re-elected?

If you have been listening carefully, the U.S. is striking now Iranian Shia Militias in Iraq because they have been shelling American bases that are jointly occupied by American Soldiers and Iraqi soldiers in Iraq. So, the U.S. since Americans were getting wounded by Iranian Shia attacks have bombed with F-15 Fighter bombers (likely missiles the most) these IRanian Shia Militias.

But now, these militias are attacking the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and so Apache helicopters are flying over the U.S. Embassy to shoot anyone who tries to attack the U.S. embassy even though rocks and molotov cocktails and the like have already been hurled over the Embassy Wall. So far, our U.S. Marine soldiers that guard every U.S. Embassy have kept the protesters from Sacking the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

So, once again, is Trump getting us into a war with Iran so Americans will be afraid not to re-elect him during a war?

Why is he going to get Americans killed right now? So, he can get re-elected by getting Americans and Iranians killed in a completely needless war?

Another thing to realize is that the sanctions placed by the U.S. on Iran and North Korea are killing the economies and the poorer people in both countries by the thousands now and we can thank Trump for killing the poor of both nations through sanctions preventing them from getting food at all (if they are poor and not a part of the government of Iran or North Korea. So, Trump is actually killing the same people who could overthrow both governments which is why I think this is crazy by starving them to death through the sanctions.

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