Thursday, December 26, 2019

It's hard to believe it will be 2020 soon

At 71 I remember when anything after 1970 seemed like "The Far Future".  Of course I was born just a few years after World War II as well so, to me, the 1950s were like "the present" and the 1960s were sort of like the "new Present" but anything after about 1970 seemed like the future, and because my first child was born in 1974, everything after that was my first my son's future and then my daughters' future as they were born in the 80s and 90s. So, it is sort of like my future began in 1970 and my personal future ended in 1974 with the birth of my son and his future began in 1974 which I lived with him as he grew up.

So, to me, 2020 is not the present but instead "The Future" for all intents and purposes from my personal point of view. I think many parents might experience life a lot like this as well. Because as parents and then Grandparents we are caretakers of the world for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren more than anything else.

By God's Grace

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