Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year! I really can't believe it's 2020

I'm 71 so I remember being 21 in 1969 and 50 years later it's 2019 for 1 hour and 10 minutes more now because it's now almost 10:50 pm PST December 31st 2019.

So, for me, anything after about 1970 was always the future the way I saw it then. And then that changed again by 1974 when my first child, a son was born and then it became about His future more than mine and my other children after that as well. So, what Am I doing in 2020 now 50 years later?

That's the question I'm asking myself today and this last week.

I've been watching "Lost in Space" the 2nd season on Netflix this past week some of the time and found it pretty rewarding to watch in various ways. But, then again I also watched the original on TV with Robbie the Robot in the 1950s too. So, watching this is kind of nostalgic with a female "Dr. Smith" one of the bad guys in this one too.

Either way, 2020 is 50 years further into the future than I ever thought I'd get in 1969 and 1970 because back then at 22 I didn't expect to live past 25. But, then I got married at 26 and had a son and had to rethink everything and stay alive to raise my children and start businesses to support them.

I remember at age 25 when I said to a group of my male friends (and I believed this at the time), "Maybe I'll just have a long string of girlfriends like I have had since I was 15?"

And the next year I was married with a son. One's 20s are so funny while I did 180s degree changes in my life  right and left. I look back now and wonder how I actually survived it all to even 30. But, here I am at 71 here in 2020 still living a very good life.

Life is Amazing!

By God's Grace

Happy New Year! Everyone around the world!

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