Saturday, December 28, 2019

Rich people often think they are immune to global warming because of their wealth

People often think if they are wealthy enough, "Well. As long as I listen to local weather reports if things get to bad here I just will hop on a plane or car or bus or train and get away from whatever bad is coming here. But, there's really a lot more to it than that. If it's bad enough to run away it means all your relatives or friends that you left behind might be injured or dead out the other side of that calamity. So, even if you save yourselves because you are wealthy enough to do that, you cannot save all the people you love too. And Because of this it could have profound affects upon your life as you feel guilty that you didn't save them too during those foreseen or partly foreseen calamities.

For example, people had talked to me about how hard it is to lose a loved one but outside of a cousin I barely knew who died at 16 driving his car into a house when I was 8 in 1956 I hadn't really lost anyone yet important to me in my life even though losing a cousin really freaked me out at the time and made me feel very vulnerable as an 8 year old.

NO. When it really hit me was when my father passed away when I was 37 and I was kind of messed up and got divorced because of it and had all sorts of middle aged crazy problems from about age 37 until 50 when I almost died myself. But, then everything changed and I completely got over my father's passing and became grateful for each moment and day of my life ever since after almost dying for 8 months time while being forced to retire. At the time it was retire or die, that was the only choice then.

So, if you haven't lost a parent or dear friend or lover yet it can completely turn your life upside down like it did me at the time. "You don't know what you know until you know it."

Talking about all this is one thing, actually living through and surviving something like this is another thing entirely.

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