Sunday, January 12, 2020

Spontaneous Accomplishment

Padma remembered being born in the Era of Guatama Buddha. He had seen many civilizations come and go since then. Lord Buddha had told him that likely he would never die but might have to feign death at times to throw people off the scent of his likely immortality. Sometimes he missed the Lord Buddha when things were so very simple back when he was only 15 and not somewhat immortal as a human here on earth.

One of the easiest things for him to master was levitation because being a cave yogi sort of came natural to him. Sometimes he would go to the Himalayas or Alps or Rocky Mountains or Andes or other mountains in caves to meditate sometimes for years because it helped his mind and body regenerate. The hardest thing was to keep mentally balanced as cultures and languages changed because each culture was different than the last mostly in subtle ways that people behaved at different ages.

So, sometimes it was hard to mimic what he was supposed to resemble as an ongoing 25 or 30 year old Asian looking fellow from Lumbini where Buddha was also from way back when.

For those gifted enough, about 2 to 5 years can create a good levitator so he could now fly the last 2500 years which is great if bandits or others are chasing you when you can go faster than the fastest horse above the ground to get away.

But now, if he wanted to travel during the daylight hours it made more sense to just get into a passenger plane as long as he asked the plane if it was going to crash. most if not all planes could answer this question as their relationship with time is different than most human beings here on earth.

Of course even if he forgot to ask he could still levitate through the walls of the plane to safety anywhere on earth too at least at this point in his development as a Mahasiddha.

But, night time travel it sometimes was useful to levitate as long as you weren't carrying anything metal that might show up on radar somewhere. You don't want to pick up a heat seeking missile or drone or something like that. The danger here is mostly it would draw attention to you more than anything else which could be a problem to deal with too because you don't want people to know you are actually 2500 years old in this body.

Today he was in California in 2020. It seemed like a very long time now since Buddha has passed away along with all his relatives of that era. Today he was going to visit Jonathan Flow who is a friend of his through Arcane (sometimes Arcane is known as Saint Germain).

Even when Padma knocked on the door to Jonathan Flow's house Jonathan had felt him coming for a day or two somehow. So, when he knocked on Jonathan's door Jonathan Said, "Wow! You really send a greeting a day or two before you arrive!" Padma said, "Its' good to prepare people before you arrive. It's only polite."

Jonathan let Padma into his home of many years now near San Francisco in a suburb on the ocean and invited him into his living room.

Padma Said, "You still have your Dragon Carpet from Dharamshala, India!"

Jonathan: "Yes. It has always stayed with me since 1986 when I bought it there. I think I paid about 80 for it then and they were selling for about 600 to 800 dollars each then. It's made of hand woven and hand cut Yak wool."

Padma: "They used to be much more common to see than now. The world has changed a lot since then to now in 2020."

Jonathan: "I'm getting older too. I'm wondering how much longer I can keep going, Padma?"

Padma: "Well. You likely will continue to be regenerated by the Galactic Time Guard. Your designation as a Galactic Scribe would naturally do this."

Jonathan: "Possibly. I'm more of the school of thought that always says: "I'll believe it when I see it."

Padma: "Well. In the end that's the most practical school of thought anyway."

Jonathan: "One day, one moment at a time."

Padma: "Yes. Even I have to take that attitude or life would be ridiculous even for me at well over 2500 years old so far."

Jonathan Smiled and said, "You don't look a year over 30."

They both laughed at this.

Padma Said, "You try looking 30 for 2500 years and see what you think about it."

Jonathan smiled again and said, "I'm not sure I could survive watching family and friend die initially or watching good friends that you make along the way pass on either. How did the people you were around deal with you not growing old?"

Padma: "Sometimes makeup or acting like I was older or traveling away for 6 months or 6 years or 60 years did the trick. Other times I did other things."

Jonathan: "So, you really had to give it a lot of thought what you did next?"

Padma: "Yes. It's a lot of responsibility in many different ways all the time."

Jonathan: "Did you ever die and resurrect?"

Padma: "You mean like Jesus?"

Jonathan: "Yes".

Padma: "Many adepts can do this but most don't choose to live as long as I am expected to. Jonathan, mostly I just do what comes naturally to me in the moment. To live this long you have to be very in the moment about everything always. You cannot really think about age or aging that much. Most of it is just sensing what you need to do in any given moment and doing it and knowing you will know what to do the next moment too and so you do."

Jonathan: "I find I am more like that as I get older too of knowing I will know what to do next naturally in any given moment."

Padma: "Angels are helpful too because they are not time resident like most human beings are so if I sort of get lost for awhile for whatever the reason they come and remind me what I'm actually doing here on earth and keep me moving towards aliveness some more. They tell me that I am like a radio or TV transmitter that everyone needs to hear and that angels need to fly through me to mankind in all sorts of situations."

Jonathan: "Do you notice when Time is altered?"

Padma: "Yes. Of course. Don't you?"

Jonathan: "Yes. Most of the time unless I'm really preoccupied with something and then even then I eventually realize that time and space has been seriously altered.

Padma: "What gives it away for you?"

Jonathan: "Well. You are doing something normal for you and you begin to sense anomalies to the time line. I suppose younger or people preoccupied wouldn't sense these changes but then again it's an individual thing."

Padma: "Well. For me it's a whole lot easier than for you because I was raised when there were no electronics and most people couldn't even read any language when I was growing up. I was the exception being a Sanskrit tranlator when I was 15 years old with Lord Buddha through a relative of mine."

Jonathan: "So, what you're saying is because the mind stream of the average person was more natural or even animal like in an everyday sense you have a very different perspective on all this than most people today would?"

Padma: "Yes. For example, I can look at your own mind stream and see just how chaotic it was growing up for you during the Cold War just after World War II when so many people had what now would be called PTSD but then might be called: "The Fog of War" which is sort of like a mental fog of feeling sort of like you are in a dream or nightmare after being exposed to a war like that or even the Great Depression. And yet, as an adept you somehow found your way through all that even when Satellites started to be used more in the 1960s and 1970s to watch what people were doing all over earth and electronics plagued your natural senses from above, radar, and all the rest."

Jonathan: "Yes. It was one of the reasons why I considered suicide from about age 21 to 25 especially because I just couldn't deal with all of the electrical interference to my senses. I know many many died and are still dying worldwide from electrical interference from all kinds of technologies. For me, just getting out of Los Angeles and moving to Mt. Shasta or Yucca Valley did a lot to help cushion the impact of all this on my senses."

Padma: "You were one of the lucky ones, Jonathan, because many or most did not have the luxury of moving or travel like you have always had through your family. You were trained to go to new places and explore like your father's family before you that settled this country but many people are conditioned to just "tough it out" wherever they are and this is often the end of them if they are gifted like you are."

Jonathan: "It can be lonely on a path like yours or mine but if you can handle the loneliness of moving a lot sometimes it can be better if you marry well and have your kids around you as a buffer to the world. Living out in the country, especially between 1976 and 1992 a lot really helped me to better cope with everything in my life. Finding my way was good not only for me but for all around me wherever I am on earth at that time."

Padma: "Yes, Jonathan, it's important to be sensitive enough to be able to listen to the angels and have them fly through your personal heaven field that you and I generate to change the world in a good way always."

Jonathan: " I have a question, Padma."

Padma: "Okay."

Jonathan: "When I visited Ling Rinpoche in Dharamshala in winter in early 1986 I experienced the Maitreya Heaven through him."

Padma: "I'm looking at your memories, Jonathan. A whole lot more was going on there than you presently know."

Jonathan: "Yes. I sensed that at the time that was true. I think it has a lot to do with the old school way of teaching where if the student is open one's aura is permanently changed to help them and everyone near them from now on."

Padma: "You'd be surprised how few people know about the old ways now here on earth and fully understand how that works of lineage down thousands of years from students of Buddha, then Jesus and then many others down the line through lineage."

Jonathan: "Yes. I was very very lucky to hear how this was done for hundreds of thousands of years.
Could you explain it from your point of view now of 2500 years of learning?"

Padma: "It's very similar to your understanding of it. It was designed when most students could neither read nor write anything down for posterity. So, the way teachings were passed down was that when the student was open to learning the encyclopedias of ancient teachings were placed directly into the aura of the student through the aura of the teacher. Usually what this meant was just sitting or standing somewhere either in the presence of the teacher or listening to the teacher speak on Dharma teachings or spiritual teachings. It's not at all about Dogma in any way. It's about real useful things that allow the race of human beings on earth to continue here on earth and beyond out into the cosmos in the near and far future."

Jonathan: "Yes. It's all very practical even though much of it is very esoteric and arcane in some ways."

Padma: "Yes. It's about 'How do you get from now to 10,000 or 20,000 years from now as a human race here on earth and then after 10,000 or 20,000 years how do you get the human race to another 10,000 or 20,000 years beyond that?"

Jonathan: "Yes. It's all very practical stuff from a spiritual point of view and also from a very nuts and bolts "carry water chop wood" kind of place too."

They both nodded in agreement here.

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