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Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha

A statue of the Buddha from Sarnath, 4th century BCE
Born c. 563 BCE or 623 BCE
Lumbini, today in Nepal
Died c. 483 BCE or 543 BCE (aged 80)
Kushinagar, today in India
Ethnicity Shakya
Known for Founder of Buddhism
Predecessor Kassapa Buddha
Successor Maitreya Buddha
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Siddhārtha Gautama (Sanskrit: सिद्धार्थ गौतम; Pali: Siddhattha Gotama) was a spiritual teacher who founded Buddhism.[1] In most Buddhist traditions, he is regarded as the Supreme Buddha (P. sammāsambuddha, S. samyaksaṃbuddha) of our age, "Buddha" meaning "awakened one" or "the enlightened one." [note 1] The time of his birth and death are uncertain: most early 20th-century historians dated his lifetime as c. 563 BCE to 483 BCE,[2] but more recent opinion dates his death to between 486 and 483 BCE or, according to some, between 411 and 400 BCE.[3][4] By tradition, Gautama is said to have been born in the small state of Kapilavastu, in what is now Nepal, and later to have taught primarily throughout regions of eastern India such as Magadha and Kośala.[5][6]
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Next quote regarding his enlightenment from wikipedia under the heading "Guatama Buddha.


The Buddha sitting in meditation, surrounded by demons of Māra. Sanskrit manuscript. Nālandā, Bihar, India. Pāla period.
According to the early Buddhist texts,[31] after realizing that meditative jhana was the right path to awakening, but that extreme asceticism didn't work, Gautama discovered what Buddhists call the Middle Way[31]—a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification.[31] In a famous incident, after becoming starved and weakened, he is said to have accepted milk and rice pudding from a village girl named Sujata.[32] Such was his emaciated appearance that she wrongly believed him to be a spirit that had granted her a wish.[32]
Following this incident, Gautama was famously seated under a pipal tree - now known as the Bodhi tree - in Bodh Gaya, India, when he vowed never to arise until he had found the truth.[33] Kaundinya and four other companions, believing that he had abandoned his search and become undisciplined, left. After a reputed 49 days of meditation, at the age of 35, he is said to have attained Enlightenment.[33][34] According to some traditions, this occurred in approximately the fifth lunar month, while, according to others, it was in the twelfth month. From that time, Gautama was known to his followers as the Buddha or "Awakened One." ("Buddha" is also sometimes translated as "The Enlightened One.") He is often referred to in Buddhism as Shakyamuni Buddha, or "The Awakened One of the Shakya Clan."
According to Buddhism, at the time of his awakening he realized complete insight into the cause of suffering, and the steps necessary to eliminate it. These discoveries became known as the "Four Noble Truths",[34] which are at the heart of Buddhist teaching. Through mastery of these truths, a state of supreme liberation, or Nirvana, is believed to be possible for any being. The Buddha described Nirvāna as the perfect peace of a mind that's free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other afflictive states,[34] or "defilements" (kilesas). Nirvana is also regarded as the "end of the world", in that no personal identity or boundaries of the mind remain. In such a state, a being is said to possess the Ten Characteristics, belonging to every Buddha. end quote.

I'm trying an experiment. If it works I will keep it here and then put a full copy of it at my archive site for short stories that I have written. I tend to tie all my short stories together into one Cosmology so my style is more like a Science fiction style that covers the whole Galaxy and includes characters from other planets and non-humans as well as humans and humanoids from other planets. In this experiement a 15 year old young Sanskrit Scholar named Padma around the year 500 BC who lives in Sarnath, India (Near Benares) now Benares is called Varanasi, India. His Uncle is a Brahmin Monk who has recently converted to Buddha's teaching at Sarnath. He is sponsoring Padma to join him to travel with Buddha and to write down Buddha's experiences and to chronicle them as they travel with Guatama Buddha. I was there in Sarnath and Varanasi early January 1986 with my family and the Tibetan Lama that was showing us the place where Buddha became enlightened in Bodhgaya while we received the 4 day initiation into the Kalachakra Tantra which deals with Shambhala for which around 500,000 people in native dress from all over the region including Tibet were there for this personal initiation by the Dalai Lama.  Then we traveled from Boghgaya by the nearest train to Varanasi and traveled with our Tibetan Lama guide and his translator to Sarnath, Varanasi, Nalanda University(the ruins) to the Taj Mahal by train, to New Delhi by Train, and later to Amritsar by train, and then by bus to Dharamsala, India where the Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetan refugees live. As a reference:

Dalai Lama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

These three wikipedia sites might be useful for the serious student or those just interested in the background of all this as a starting point for studying more about the Kalachakra and Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhism.

Padma was excited. He just turned 15 years old and was a Sanskrit Scholar. His uncle had just told him he would be able to come with him and follow the wonderful new teacher, Guatama Buddha, so that Padma could chronicle the events and write down as much as possible of what Guatama Buddha would do and say. This was the single most amazing thing in his life! To follow the renknowned Guatama Buddha who was a Prince of Lumbini who had become first an ascetic for years until he became now 35 years old. Now, he was telling people he had become enlightened and more and more each day believed him. His logic was flawless. He had been an ascetic which is very respected path in Padma's tradition of spiritual science and evolution over thousands of years through reincarnation. So, Padma felt he was moving towards a whole new paradigm. He was on the ground floor of the next big thing on earth. There would soon be thousands and millions following the tenents of the Buddha. more later.

Note: Though I'm off to a good start it's now 1 am and I've got to get some rest.

2nd note. Though I have been initiated into many many Buddhist practices by Tibetan Lamas I am not really a Buddhist Scholar. So, if you are one please forgive the liberties I must take as an author. I know what I want to say regarding Padma's life. However, at what point different teachings arose I'm not sure that Buddha spoke of. By having Padma actually being there listening live to these teachings it is my hope that you will experience what it was like listening to these teachings yourselves. Since I am an intuitive likely I'm writing how those actually there likely felt but without the full cultural context of speaking another language, living in another age and culture etc. However, the feeling and experience of being there likely will carry through in what I write. Was I there in another body? Quite likely. So, I am likely speaking from past life memories as well. end 2nd note.

Padma dutifully followed his uncle and Sakyamuni Buddha or "Siddhartha" to wherever he was permitted to follow. One day the opportunity came to hear the Lotus Sutra for the first time as it was spoken by the Buddha:

And on that occasion the Lord uttered the following stanzas:
1. Inconceivable is the power to promote the weal of the world possessed by those who, firmly established in transcendent knowledge, by means of their unlimited sight display their magic faculty in order to gladden all living beings on earth.
2. They extend their tongue over the whole world, darting thousands of beams to the astonishment of those to whom this effect of magic is displayed and who are making for supreme enlightenment.
3. The Buddhas made a noise of expectoration and of snapping the fingers, (and by it) called the attention of the whole world, of all parts of the world in the ten directions of space.
4. Those and other miraculous qualities they display in their benevolence and compassion (with the view) that the creatures, gladly excited at the time, may (also) keep the Sûtra after the complete extinction of the Sugata.
5. Even if I continued for thousands of kotis of Æons speaking the praise of those sons of Sugata who shall keep this eminent Sûtra after thc extinction of the Leader of the world,
6. I should not have terminated the enumeration of their qualities; inconceivable as the qualities of infinite space are the merits of those who constantly keep this holy Sûtra.
7. They behold me as well as these chiefs, and the Leader of the world now extinct; (they behold) all these numerous Bodhisattvas and the four classes.
8. Such a one now here propitiates me and all these leaders, as well as the extinct chief of Ginas and the others in every quarter.
9. The future and past Buddhas stationed in the ten points of space will all be seen and worshipped by him who keeps this Sûtra.
10. He who keeps this Sûtra, the veritable law, will fathom the mystery of the highest man; will soon comprehend what truth it was that was arrived at on the terrace of enlightenment.
11. The quickness of his apprehension will be unlimited; like the wind he will nowhere meet impediments; he knows the purport and interpretation of the law, he who keeps this exalted Sûtra.
12. He will, after some reflection, always find out the connection of the Sûtras spoken by the leaders; even after the complete extinction of the leader he will grasp the real meaning of the Sûtras.
13. He resembles the moon and the sun; he illuminates all around him, and while roaming the earth in different directions he rouses many Bodhisattvas.
14. The wise Bodhisattvas who, after hearing the enumeration of such advantages, shall keep this Sûtra after my complete extinction will doubtless reach enlightenment. end quote from Lotus sutra:

After Padma heard all this and wrote it all down as faithfully as possible he wondered at what it all meant. When he heard the words he imagined heaven realms and worlds like earth throughout the stars with Bodhisattvas upon them. He wondered if his thoughts about all this were correct. He asked his uncle and he said, "I think your interpretation is as good as the finest in the land. I think you may be gifted in some ways in the direction of our Lord Buddha himself." With this, Padma was taken directly into the presence of the Buddha and Buddha was asked about Padma.

Buddha looked into Padma and said, "Though I am mortal, you will not be mortal. You will go on and live for thousands of years. Your names will change and you will always serve all life in the universe by serving the dharma. Beings like myself burn out quickly like a candle flame that brings light for all to see by. But the dharma that burns within you Padma will go on and on in secret and you will secretly save mankind from themselves again and again. I will be with you in spirit and I will strike down and subjagate all who stand against the living Dharma through you. You will live on and on in human form and will almost never die for thousands and thousands of years."

Padma thought this was completely crazy and said to his Lord the Buddha. "How can I believe what you say? I was trained to always be logical and pragmatic in everything I do? How can I accept all this?"
The Buddha smiled and said, "I would not expect anything less from a Dharma Immortal. Your words give away to me that I was right about you!" With this Buddha smiled and spoke with the next person who needed his counseling.
Padma spoke to his uncle and said, "What can I do with this?" His uncle who now was becoming scared of his nephew said, "If Buddha is correct, you will have to watch everyone of us die while you live on as a dharma immortal. You likely will have to change your name many many times to stay this dharma immortal in secret. Do you understand my nephew? Buddha just blessed you and put the human race in your care."

Padma couldn't take all this in and so he walked away to the nearest stream and began to sing to the spirits in the stream. The spirits came to him and sang, "Here comes the secret Dharma immortal who all of us will find ways to keep alive. He comes to save all of us from suffering. Though no human understands still we and he will always understand, our Dharma immortal will save us all.

Note: To a western mind this might be very unusual. If any of you have been out in the country in India in the last 50 years, you might have met people who thought in this way in regard to nature spirits. Many people out in the country all over the world have their senses opened up like this because they haven't had to be closed like living in large cities tends to do to people all over. end note.

Through the years now Padma went from 15 to 35 and then to age 60 or so when the great Buddha passed away. He specifically asked for Padma to speak with. Padma now a much older and wiser man walked carefully to Buddha's side to see him one last time.

Buddha said, "Do you remember when I told you that you would live thousands of years?" Padma said, "Yes."
Buddha: "I want you to call yourself now Padmasambhava which means "Lotus Born" "born of the Lotus". The secret between you and I is that you were born out of the realizations you received from hearing the Lotus Sutra the first time it was given, Padma. Do you understand now?"

Padmasambhava said, "Yes, my Lord. I have become what you wish me to be. I am now a Mahasiddha. I will always work for the end of suffering of all beings in the whole universe past, present and future. I have watched all my relatives including your devotee, my uncle, pass away. I understand fully what you meant that day the Lotus Sutra was born in my heart."

The Buddha said, "You will be my secret agent through time, saving civilizations by supernatural means, my Mahasiddha. Remember to watch for the next Buddha, Jesus Christ in the middle East within 400 years."
Padma said, "I will, my Lord. But how should I help the next Buddha that will be called the Christ?"

Buddha smiled and said, "You will know by then. You are the Lotus Sutra Born spontaneous one. You will live from the spontaneous heart of the Buddha and be empowered by all the most powerful Buddhas in the Universe Past, Present and Future. Be spontaneous and fear not."

Padma knew it was time for him to withdraw. He had been present for the passing of many family members and friends by now. He saw the signs of Buddha's Passing. He stepped back so other devotees could say goodbye.

When the time came, hundreds of years later, he came to baby Jesus as one of the Three Wise men bearing gifts. He blessed and protected Jesus as he grew up with all the blessings and powers of a Mahasiddha until Jesus told him one day, "I can summon the angels to protect myself now. I'm 15 like you were when you followed Buddha as one of his Chroniclers and scribes. With this Padmasambhava stepped back from these duties and said, "Remember Jesus, I'm here to help protect you whenever you need it." Jesus said, "You have been an uncle to me, Padma, tell Buddha I'm forever thankful for your unwavering protection so I could finish my work here on Earth for the future of Mankind and all life on Earth and beyond."

After this, Padma became more a member of the Multitudes that followed Jesus everywhere. He was friends with Jesus' disciples who saw him as an ancient holy man from India visiting the Holy Land who also followed Jesus. They thought he was there to study healing techniques with Jesus. Though this was also true, he was also there to help Jesus succeed in any way he could.

One day, the prophecies came true and Padma saw Jesus hanging on the Cross. Padma walked up as close as he could as Jesus wished to speak to him. Jesus said, "Protect my people all over the world, Padma, just like you did for Buddha. Even though most don't know it, Buddha's people and my people are the same kind people at core."

Tears came to Padma's eyes, he was losing another teacher. The pain of the loss of everyone he loved now for almost 500 years or more was almost more than he could bear. And so he tried to comfort himself and all present as Jesus' spirit passed out of his body. Since as a Mahasiddha he could become invisible to others, he followed the Roman soldiers to the tomb of Jesus and spoke with the Angels who gathered there overnight. The angels said, "We are here to resurrect Jesus. Though most won't understand for now, eventually many will. We thank you for your help and support of Jesus all these many years." Padma always liked angels because they took away so much pain and loss of being human when you were around them. They kept him in a very euphoric place all night long until Jesus resurrected out of the tomb. Archangel Gabriel threw the stone back suddenly and all the roman soldiers except the officer ran away. The Roman Centurian knelt before Jesus and was blessed and absolved of all wrong doing karmicly. After all, he was only under orders. At heart he had been a Christian already 2 years. Tears streamed down Padma's face at this realization and of what all this would mean over the next thousands of years for mankind and on into the future.

Chapter 2 Christianity Spreads  Around the World

Padma noticed even when he reached Rome with Joseph of Arimathea with the Holy Grail of Jesus en route to Glastonbury Tull in England that Christianity already was the main "underground" religion in Rome even just after Jesus' apparent passing into Heaven. However, Padma knew something as an immortal Mahasiddha that most did not. Jesus was a Mahasiddha to in addition to being the son of God. Jesus could die and then raise his body from the dead and then continue to walk around the earth and minister to mankind.

For example, Padma was aware when Jesus after raising his body from the dead walked across the Atlantic Ocean and ministered to the American Indians of his time. He visited the Hopi Indians and gave them the Blue Corn that they still grow today. He walked across the Pacific Ocean and came on shore at Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii, they called him Caimu and he taught them just like he ministered to those in the Middle East. Then finally after ministering to all major groups on Earth he met Mary Magdelene, his wife in Cairo and they and eventually Jesus and his children made there way to India where he was known as Saint Issa. If you study ancient Aramaic, Jesus' native language his name was Yesu, or Yeshua. It is a very small step through transliteration (changing of languages) to Saint Issa which is what the locals called him when the came to him as a guru in India after his resurrection in Israel. Jesus had many children in India with Mary Magdelene and finally passed away in his 80s in India. Padma was by his side as well as Mary Magdelene and many of Jesus' children and many of his devotees. He motioned for Padma to come speak with him. Jesus looked into Padma's eyes and said, "You have served me well, Padma. You protected me until I became a man at age 15. You taught me how to invoke the angels to protect me and those around me from harm. You have been like a spiritual uncle to me always. Now I must leave this body just as Buddha did before me. Protect all the Holy forms of Buddhism and Christianity around the world. Both religions will morph into many different forms, but they both are the basis of the hope of the world. Buddha brought compassion and I brought Forgiveness and Christian Brotherhood to all who accept it. The whole world will benefit from our teachings throughout hundreds of thousands of years and more of human civilization and evolution both here on earth and beyond. You will see it all, Padma. Protect Buddhism and Christianity in all its useful forms as long as you live. Protect the truth wherever you find it. Invoke the angels to protect the innocents so they may grow strong as adults like I did wherever you find them. In spirit I will protect you in all ways just like Buddha did. You are now my secret emisary here on earth as well as Buddha's. Go on and live for God our Father always."

Tears came to Padma's eyes as once again he saw one of his beloved Gurus pass away once more. It was different this time somehow.  When Buddha passed away Padma had only been about 60 years old, but now he was over 500. He wondered what the future would bring.

Note: if you want to read part 2 please click on: Padma Part 2

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