Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Life Actually Works

This is my experience. I grew up in a Christian Mystic Family and as I grew up since I am a fairly practical person in all things I didn't really see how everything they told was me was possible. So, over the years of researching religions around the world including India with Tibetan Buddhism and SRF with Paramahansa Yogananda and Tibetan Lamas and Native American Medicine men and Genius both intellectually and spiritually and intuitively Catholic Priests etc. I started to have remarkable experiences of my own ongoing.

One night as I was driving from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta very late at night I was asking God how the whole universe actually worked and was told about the Creators. This likely happened sometime in the 1970s or 1980s and since I found I like talking to the Creators of this Galaxy and all the others I found myself talking to them more and more. And so they told me more and more about how things worked.

So, I found myself less and less laughing when people told me about being interdimensional beings that lived in multiple dimensions. Instead, I began to understand that many if not most humans actually are multidimensional beings that live in multiple times, dimensions and universes and that it isn't all just a joke after all.

This was quite a surprise to me. When it was explained that the Creators don't actually need to breathe air or drink water or eat food at least as we know it because they live in Dark matter and live on matter turning into anti-matter and anti-matter turning into matter. So, out of Dark Matter (96% of the universe) they create Galaxies sort of like waterfalls in the River or Ocean of Space in order to feed their children more easily. And then they maintain these galaxies so their children and theirs and theirs and theirs and so on can continue to breed and to feed. What are these creators physically? I tend to think of them as Stars, Nebulae, and liking to live on the edges of black holes where they can feed as matter is turned into anti-matter as it goes through the black hole in the center of a Galaxy and into an complement anti-matter universe. I suppose on the opposite side in the anti-matter universe there would be more Creators feeding on matter becoming anti-matter there. So, likely it would look something like an avalanche of stuff coming out the other side just like it disappears from this side through the black hole which every galaxy has as its center to hold a galaxy together.

So, when Creators get billions of years old what they do is to go to sleep and (dream) that they are beings like humans on earth and throughout civilized planets and dimensions throughout our galaxy and others. Since Creators build ALL galaxies each galaxy is run by the founding family of that galaxy. But, in a sense all Creators in all Galaxies are related directly or indirectly, I guess. So, when creators get old (billions of years old) they get bored of being alive. So, they need a dose of mortality to shock them awake sort of like people drink coffee to wake up when they are sleepy. So, by living and dying as humans on earth it reinvigorates them to being a useful and productive Creator once again. So, that is where we came from and that is where we are all likely all going. Until I figured this out as a soul traveler life seemed kind of ridiculous. But after I had experienced all this for myself it all began to make sense to me. So, if you understand fully what I'm saying is we are all immortal for billions of years even before we came here in one of our millions of simultaneous incarnations throughout all time and space and universes.

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