Sunday, August 19, 2012

Concourse D'Elegance

My wife and I had dinner at the Concourse D'Elegance tonight. It was an East India theme because of the "Maharaja Collection" of cars this year. When we arrived a sitar group was playing and it reminded me of being in India in 1985 and 1986. They had various upper class East Indian Dishes there as well. About 9 Pm (or a little after) the band started playing and my wife and I danced to "Sweet Home Alabama" and several other tunes we used to dance to in the 1970s. Later, we walked over to see some of the cars at the Auction Tent. There were a lot of Vintage Bugati's and 1930s Cadillacs and 1930s to 1950s Mercedes on display there. There was even a motorcycle called a Panther that had a sidecar that held two people which I had never seen before. The whole area the last few days since the Concourse D'Elegance began and before people were telling me all sorts of rare and vintage cars from all over have been driving all over the area. I had never been to one of these events before but a friend had bid for them at a private school fundraiser and my wife really likes this couple and so we bought two of the tickets to this event since the other couple could only use two. The gentleman who won the bid for the tickets had been to this event before and had met Jay Leno the last time he went. So, for my wife and I it was sort of a once in a lifetime thing to do. However, being able to stand up close with some of these cars and to dance to a really good dance band was really a fun thing to do on a Saturday night.

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