Saturday, February 22, 2014

Important Rand Paul Quote

from page 5 of the latest Time magazine in the top  of the page (the one with Airport Confidential) on the cover.

"Republicans will not win again in my lifetime, for the Presidency, unless they become a new GOP"

end quote from Time Magazine page 5.

If Romney who is a middle of the road Republican could not win likely Christie couldn't either the way things presently are here in the U.S.

Remember, Rand Paul, whether you agree with his Libertarian views or not is still a Doctor, an MD and would know the demographics to get elected. He isn't just being stupid here. He is just looking at the voting roles of the Republican Party. And basically there aren't enough White people or other races that vote Republican to elect any Republican President ever again. He is just being realistic. He is not being defeatist at all. He is just reading the demographics carefully.

More Republicans are dying every day than are being born. This is why what he says is true. And there are no longer (nor will there ever be again) enough Republicans to EVER elect another Republican President into office unless the party makes a Seismic change.

However, the base of the Republican party likely doesn't believe this because they likely live in Red States or Red Areas (that always vote Republican here in the U.S.) So, if you live somewhere where everyone agrees with your Republican views because they are all conservative Republicans too, why would you think anything is wrong?

But, if you look at the whole country at once, Rand Paul is exactly right. IF the Republican party stays right where it is now (IN DENIAL) there will never be another Republican President ever elected.

I wonder just how long it is going to take for the rank and file Conservative Republican Base to fully understand this?

In fact, I'm not sure the Democratic base fully understands this either to be realistic here. This could be lost on most people because of all the Republican Governors, Senators, Congressmen and women and all the Republican state Representatives too.

However, demographically it is a painful truth for everyone.

Why is this a painful Truth?

Because it upsets the balance within our government and tears the Republican Party apart and damages our two party system with people who feel in the Republican Party that they might now be better off with a dictatorship or by breaking up the states into different countries or breaking up California into 6 states and a lot more stuff like this.

So, expect a lot of chaos here in the U.S. and possibly 3rd and 4th and even 5 th parties to come into existence while our democracy tries with withstand this latest threat to our long term balance of power.

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