Thursday, February 20, 2014

President Obama: Russia disputes not some Cold War chessboard

President Obama: Russia disputes not some Cold War chessboard

Politico-5 hours ago
President Barack Obama doesn't see disagreements with Russia over ... the United States is not to see these as some Cold War chessboard in ...
I can't seem to quote more on this one so you will have to click on the above button to read it.
I'm beginning to agree with Obama on this one because I'm beginning to see how Putin is thinking. Remember, he is an old guard Soviet who was trained as KGB in the old era. 2/3 of the Soviet Union is gone and he is trying to get back the Ukraine and to keep Assad and Syria under the old regimes mantle.
So, it isn't a Cold War situation as much as it is Russia being paranoid of having lost so much of itself as the Soviet Union. 
From Putin's point of view any loss of life in Syria and the Ukraine is useful to maintain what is left of the old Soviet Union now in Russia. 
So, I'm beginning to see this isn't a new Cold War this (in regard to how Putin thinks) is STILL the old cold war and protecting Soviet (now Russian interests) in Syria, Ukraine, Iran etc.
So, Obama is right, this isn't a new cold war but I think it is a remnant of the past one through Putin. It is like a very dangerous echo from the past. 

And if Putin's paranoia is what I think it is (especially now he is divorced) the nukes might come out to play if things get bad enough. And that is what both the U.S. and Europe are the most worried about in regard to Syria and Ukraine and whatever country comes next on Russia's agenda like Iran.

Also, you notice that Hezbollah's headquarters in Lebanon were bombed yesterday which is another worry for the world in regard to Lebanon not going into another revolution because of Hezbollah activities in Syria and Iraq.

And on top of all this Putin's world status has been weakened by the bombings before the Sochi Olympics as well as having to hire 40,000 security personnel to protect all those at Sochi. Also, people are not coming to his new ski lifts separate from the Olympics because they don't want to be targeted and killed by separatists. So, the world is watching Putin put down dissenters of all kinds in Russia in violent ways (including Pussy Riot) that don't share his views. Any illusion that Russia was an actual democracy by the world is gone now and this is not good for Putin or Russia in the long or short run.

However, on the other side of this this is the first time that the U.S. Olympics athletes have competed in Russia since the Cold War began after World War II and remember we still have Russian and American Astronauts in Space together. So, the Olympics and the Russian and American Astronauts working together are a really big deal for both U.S. , Russia and the whole world. So, this is extremely important too.

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