Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rain Coming into California

One of the biggest storms this season is hitting the Central Section hard of California coming off the ocean. It is hitting the San Francisco area hard south as far as Cambria on the Coast at the moment. It is even raining now in the Mt. Shasta area and snowing in the mountains. It could bring up to 3 feet of new snow (which the state desperately needs) because that is also about 3 inches of rain. It is supposed to be raining on and off through Friday at this point from rain moving presently Northeast from off the ocean. It' supposed to rain today and  possibly snow tomorrow here in the little town of Mt. Shasta.  Jot Dean Cave likely will become inaccessible from today on because likely there will be 3 feet of snow out there this week and they don't plow those roads. So, likely March or April now or later before you can drive there again for now. 

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