Thursday, February 20, 2014


Writing is a way to save lives starting with your own. There are things that need to be said around the world that can save lives. But many people are afraid to say or write these things. So, those of us who understand this and who feel safe enough to write these things should do that and publish online. I use intuitivefred888 as my nom de plume and you will use whatever name you choose to help mankind any way you can.

So many things happen around the world that need to have intelligent people write about them.

For example, why aren't congressmen and congresswomen serving the people of the United States? Why  are almost no laws being enacted at all since Obama has been in office except for Obamacare?

Around the world governments including the United States government appear to be faltering. We seem to be moving into a fully corporate controlled world where the little people of the world are losing more and more of their rights. The middle class is disappearing which is the only class capable of maintaining the rights of the middle class and poor and even rich people worldwide.

Without a strong middle class worldwide democracies cannot continue to exist. So maybe writing about this will help mankind survive whatever comes next.

I worry about another Great Depression 20 to 30 times worse than the one in the 1930s that would stretch worldwide. Corporate thought is very selfish. It only deals with what keeps that particular corporation on top. It doesn't deal with what happens to individuals en masse around the world. It doesn't deal with what helps or hurts mankind only the bottom line of an individual corporation.

So, if the world is ruled by individual corporations mankind is lost as you can see. This is the problem.

It doesn't matter whether corporations make something or they are world banking systems all are only selfishly motivated and do not really exist for the common good of mankind.

How does mankind survive this? Seriously.

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