Saturday, July 25, 2015

Buffalo kill and maim more people in U.S. than any other

If you come across an "Alpha" male or female bison "Buffalo" either stay in your vehicle or keep your distance. They are not domesticated and will attack you if you are too close, especially the "King of the herd" or a mother with a baby. Being forewarned is being prepared for anything regarding buffalo.

Their methods of protecting their herds are knocking you down and then crushing your chest or head with their front hooves much like Rhinos also do. Except Rhinos first split you up the middle first with their horns. So, just remember buffalo are not tame.

Bison Selfie Turned Into Mississippi Woman's 'Most Frightening Experience'

Good Morning America
Brandi Burgess has new respect for wildlife.
The Flora, Mississippi, resident was flipped and tossed by a bison at Yellowstone National Park Tuesday after posing for a selfie in front of the animal with her daughter.
“It was the most frightening experience I have been through in my life to date,” she told ABC News in an exclusive interview.
Burgess was rushed to a clinic after the attack, which left her with minor injuries.
Visitors at Yellowstone National Park are told to stay at least 25 yards from bison, spokeswoman Julena Campbell said.
“Sometimes people confuse it with being in a theme park, being in an area where you’re driving through,” Campbell said.
“We have a little saying here: ‘Give them room, use your zoom.’”
After her encounter with the bison, Burgess said she will think twice about animal photo opportunities.
“I thought I had a healthy respect for wildlife, but maybe not as healthy as I should have had,” Burgess said. “But I am very grateful and blessed to have walked away.”
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A Mississippi woman was flipped and tossed by a bison at Yellowstone National Park. (ABC News)

Woman learns selfie lesson after bison attack

Brandi Burgess says she will now think twice about animal photos after her scary encounter with a beast.  Suffered minor injuries » 

If you click the above word buttons you can see a video of this lady explaining her experience that she luckily survived.

I've never been attacked by a Buffalo in Yellowstone mostly because I knew to stay away far enough from them so I had somewhere to run to. But, while taking photos of Rhinos in Nepal on the Terai in Chiwan Royal National Park I was almost killed by one that chased my wife and I up two trees. I almost thought i was dead because my arm tried to dislocate as I scrambled up the tree. And then the Rhino kept banging into the tree trying to knock me out of it. Luckily the tree was too big for it to knock over and kill me. I was 37 at the time and able to hang on while the tree was nearly knocked down. So, just remember both buffalo and Rhinos are both very dangerous. So, be ready if they come after you. It doesn't matter if you want a good picture to take home. It's better to be alive after your vacation is over. 

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