Friday, July 31, 2015

more notes regarding corporate brainwashing campaign against Global Climate Change

It looks like the corporate brainwashing campaign ...

The good news about this is we likely have more time than we thought because of the Maunder Minimum which is supposed to hit the sun around 2030 until 2060. But, the bad news is in the long run the human race is probably screwed in regard to global warming.

What I think is ridiculous is that people are even arguing still about global climate change. It is like going out in the daylight and saying: "It's still nighttime. The sun hasn't come out yet."

To me, this is how much sense this campaign against Global Climate change makes. No wonder there are so many confused people in the U.S.

Between Being brainwashed and political correctness out of control there is no reality in so many people these days only an artificial politeness caused by enforced political correctness to a level of complete insanity.

Reality does not exist for these people at all. No wonder so many stay drunk or on drugs to mask the pain of their lives?  Or they just commit suicide directly or indirectly because they just cannot deal with the insanity anymore.

I've lived now 67 years and what people have to realize is:

1. the world has always been crazy in ever changing ways of being crazy.

2. if you don't adapt to whatever is going on in your life you need to either move away and do something else or your life basically is over for all intents and purposes.

3. You have to get angry enough to survive the insanity in life. Defend both your sanity and your life.
If you don't your life will be over. If something doesn't work one place try some place else. I did. And I survived the whole mess and was married three times with 3 biological kids that I am close to, 2 step kids, and 2 god Daughters and I'm okay. I survived it all and so can you.

Don't get angry enough to hurt someone, get angry enough to defend your life and sanity. Because otherwise you will just be run over with everyone else's insanity and then your life is over whether you are dead or not.

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