Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"There is no difference between PKK and Daesh" ?

"There is no difference between PKK and Daesh," said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. And Turkey specifically referenced its strikes against Kurdish rebels when it called an urgent NATO session this week under the alliance's Article 4, which applies when a member state feels its security or sovereignty are threatened.
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This is only one of many conundrums in the Middle East at this time for the U.S. and Europe and NATO especially:

There is no difference between PKK and Daesh"?

First of all the PKK is also considered a terrorist group just like "Daesh" or ISIS (ISIL) IS or whatever you want to call it even by the U.S.

BUT, this will alienate most Kurds who feel culturally aligned with the PKK in order to try to establish there own country for about 40 or more years now. Right now, the U.S. still has a pretty good relationship with most Kurds but if we sanction what Turkey is doing our alliance with Kurds against Daesh(ISIS) might be more fleeting than we might like in Europe or the U.S.

Also, the PKK is no threat to the U.S. in fact they might see themselves as loosely aligned with the U.S. in the help the U.S. has given Kurds through bombing strikes to protect Kurdish positions.

Unfortunately, this might turn out to be a very bad thing that is happening for Kurds in general and it also might be a bad thing for IRan too, and most of all this all might be a very bad thing for ISIS as well. However, now the problem is that ISIS has infiltrated into the Turkish government and you might even see more suicide bombings inside of Turkey. But, ISIS and Turkey might still have agreements no one knows about still. And last of all it is possible that the suicide bombing in Turkey against Kurdish Activists might just have been Turkish Government sponsored indirectly for one reason or another because the demonstrators were actually Kurdish Activists.

So, the conundrum continues to grow regarding all these things and possibly clarity is nowhere to be found that would satisfy the U.S. Congress.

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