Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A very brilliant friend of mine with a master's degree said I should consider using Safari as a Browser over Chrome. I told her I would consider that but so far I haven't used it for blogging much simply because I find it harder to do multiple windows than Chrome or Firefox. The difficulty opening multiple windows for me is the primary weakness for using it as my blogging browser.

This is another reason why people are using Chrome more as a Browser around the world too.

I noticed recently that many of the "Bugs" in Chrome have been ironed out (at least in regard to blogging for bloggers). Many of the best features of Firefox have been incorporated into Chrome now.

So, I'm thinking the Error 400 is likely "dirty tricks" by Google Chrome against Firefox, for example, which is forcing more and more bloggers worldwide to move to Chrome over Firefox.

The main problem with Chrome is like Google and Facebook they steal so much of everyone's information. The main problem with this is eventual identity theft for millions of people around the world. So, the dirty little secret is Google and Facebook contribute to identity theft by selling people's demographics and other information about them which allows identity theft on a larger scale through countries like Russia by Russian State actors than before.

So, the main profits of Facebook and Google harm everyone in the U.S. and Europe directly in this way. It is like their profit system wages war on the cash you can keep in your accounts worldwide without it being stolen.

It also makes banks pay out more and more money to insure your accounts and they have to pass this expense on to you ongoing. So, the more money Facebook and Google make off your information the more money they are costing you through you having to pay for more insurance to keep your money and identity safe worldwide.

It works something like this:

Insurance is also hiring hit men to go after people who harm people's identity in other countries whether they are state actors or (criminals) (maybe both are the same in some ways).

You are not going to hear about this at all for obvious reasons but people who do any kind of Internet Fraud including identity theft often disappear and simply are not heard from ever again by anyone.

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