Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Web sites continue to change

Especially using Chrome now I notice more and more articles (or websites) where I cannot quote an article but only the Word Buttons for you. As the Internet changes (every single day) I can only do what I can do regarding what I share with you worldwide.

Using automatic coders makes it possible for me to do this service for you worldwide for free. Otherwise it would be too time consuming to try to blog at all at this point in my life.

Since I was forced (to continue blogging) to go to another Browser  away from Firefox because of Error 400 messages so I chose Chrome for now because it appears to be one of the most stable of the browsers and also like Google it goes worldwide too in a fairly stable fashion. In other words I have readers in Europe, Russia, China, India, Australia, South America, in addition to readers in the U.S. and Canada, India etc.So, my blog is read in countries around the world who have some English speakers, writers and readers there. Also, I also have Google Translate which will translate my English Text to one of about 60 or 70 languages also. However, you really cannot trust robotic translations completely especially if you are reading philosophy or religion or spirituality or psychology because some things just don't translate well from language to language.

For example, English is a merchants language that sprang up from French, Celtic and Scandinavian languages as all these traders of goods off of ships meeting in England, Scotland and Ireland traded goods.

So, the basis of English is actually French, Celtic, Scandinavian and likely German and Dutch too and other languages as well.

It is a very utilitarian language which is why it us used so much by businessmen worldwide to conduct trade and negotiations.

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