Saturday, January 12, 2019

I was raised to be Stoic in the 1950s

I think the idea of being "Stoic" is about being taught not to take what happens to you in life personally so you get all upset at one person or another about it.

Instead you look at it all logically and rationally. The attitude is: "How can I survive this?"

Another version of this that saved my life during my last divorce in 1994: "There are NO problems ONLY opportunities."

Successful millionaires and billionaires HAVE to take this attitude because if you get all caught up in revenge against people who you think harmed your life then you cannot succeed because your life is ONLY about revenge and not SUCESS!

To succeed you have to be very focused on "How can I survive this?" and "There are no problems ONLY opportunities."  Otherwise, you don't make it and you often don't survive at all worldwide.

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