Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Golden Dragon

When do reality and dreams intertwine into the same thing?

During a Vision quest of no water and no food for 96 hours straight.

However, how many people are actually going to do something like this in their lives?

I suppose it is up to those who choose to do this.

My time came in the summer of 1983 I believe 4 miles from the nearest human being at that time.
And two days after I had had no water or food while my mind screamed that I was going to die doing this I had my first visions.

There are two visions that were incredibly powerful. The one that made the most sense to me was of me becoming a huge golden Dragon breathing fire upon everyone. At the time it was completely terrifying to experience this. But, then I realized that people were not catching fire and burning up screaming they were smiling and becoming enlightened instead from the fire I breathed upon them as a golden Dragon.  This vision within 2 years led to my family and I going to visit Tibetan Lamas starting with the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India. we spent 4 months time in Japan, Thailand, India and Nepal on this journey and went to Bodhgaya for the Kalachakra Tantra with the Dalai Lama and to Dharmshala where the Dalai Lama lives and also to Rewalsar (several hours by bus from Dharamshala, India) which is also called TSOPEMA by the Tibetans in Dharamshala and throughout India and Nepal and Tibet.

1983 is now about 36 years ago. For example, I have an adopted daughter and she and her husband were not born until 1985. So, this is a long time ago now even for me let alone others born since then.

But, some things are just so profound that happen to you that they become timeless in your life and larger than life and you don't want to forget them because they define your reality in a really profound way.

By God's Grace

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