Thursday, January 10, 2019

Until the mid to late 1980s if you spoke about UFO experiences you might disappear and never be seen again

I think most people today in 2019 don't realize just how violent our government was regarding anything anyone said about UFOs between the 1940s and 1990. To even speak about a UFO experience could very easily cost you your job or even  your life.

So, when I had an experience with a UFO and showed my wife and baby and a friend the location on Mt. Shasta we all agreed that it was a UFO print in the snow. However, this was 1974 so we all also agreed never to speak to authorities about it either. After all, I wanted my son to grow up to a man and I didn't want electrodes placed under all our fingernails while we were drugged or killed by our government. This was just the way it still was in the 1970s. Things began to change a little in the 1980s and then there was a complete change around 1990 when the Soviet Union collapsed. Then there was a period when people could publish UFO experiences like Colonel Corso did during the 1990s before he died revealing his part in reverse engineering objects from the Roswell crash to American Companies. So, things like the chips used in your computer and Kevlar Helmets all came from things found in the Roswell crash (1947) reverse engineered by American researchers. But, Colonel Corso told the American companies that it was from Russia instead of from outer space as a cover.
REad: "The Day After Roswell" by Colonel Corso of the DIA.
But then everything changed again with 9-11 back to the paranoia of like it was before the Soviet Union collapsed once again. And now since then we have been at war with Terrorists almost 18 years so far around the world in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen and other places as well.

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