Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Are electric Cars a good idea for human survival here on earth?

I think the answer would be both "Yes" and "No".

The problems of electric vehicles are Electrical Coronas and radiation harming human health combined with recycling problems of the batteries, especially.

So, likely in the long run it is the same kind of problem as Plastic. Plastic doesn't EVER biodegrade.

Batteries of electric vehicles don't EVER biodegrade either and will get into drinking water and pollute it all over the world in the ground.

So, when we make things that never existed before like plastic and high end batteries we kill life in the future because these things will NEVER break down and will poison our water and food for thousands of years and force humans to become cyborgs (human and technology combined) to be able to survive at all here on earth.

So, plastic and electric car batteries will force people eventually to become sort of like robots to survive technologically because everything will become too polluted for DNA to survive any longer on earth at some point.

So, by creating plastic and advanced car batteries we end plants and animals and humans on earth eventually.

This is something the average person needs to grasp soon for anyone to survive at all with DNA including all plants and animals on earth.

 In conclusion you help the air be less polluted with Carbon dioxide while increasing exponentially the pollution of water and the lands of earth so you cannot safely eat food grown in the ground or drink water free from pollution by creating plastics and batteries and many other things people now use regularly that didn't exist before now on earth.

We are moving ourselves from a DNA based world to a plastics and metal based world where DNA no longer exists by the present choices that began in the 20th century.

So, it is possible we all might look more like Autobots or something cyborg maybe like the lady in Terminator: Dark Future like that if this trend continues into the future as we technologically modify ourselves to survive in the world we are presently creating through ignorance of what we have already done.

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