Thursday, November 28, 2019

Is believing in Angels Useful?

Yes. Because it allows them to help you better.

It would be a lot like being born a child and not believing in your mother as a good person who could help you. You might be terrified of her and not ever relate to her at all. So, likely you could easily die or just be confused or never learn English or any other language your mother spoke and you might die before you were a couple of months old. It's sort of a lot like that.

Likewise, learning about angels and trusting them helps you learn what you need to learn to survive as a human being here on earth. Otherwise, your life might be short and full of suffering and over fairly quickly.

This would be my experience regarding all this.

However, if you experience angels like I have since at least 2 years old then your life has hope and meaning and you become a part of your angel family here on earth. And it can be like living in heaven a lot of the time here on earth. Earth isn't perfect but it was never meant to be that anyway. It is a place of learning like a university where we have chosen to study to learn how to use free will.

Many angels don't really have free will because they haven't learned through suffering how to use free will correctly yet. The only way free will is usually learned is through suffering.

Without this, you cannot learn about the consequences of your thoughts and actions.

A wise man in the Himalayas was asked by people visiting what was the most important thing and he said, "learning how to make good decisions!" And the people asked how they learn to make good decisions and he said without skipping a beat, "Bad Decisions".

So, one cannot be proficient regarding free will without making some bad decisions in life. But, Enlightenment is about learning to make good decisions all the time.

And when you learn to make good decisions all the time you always live with the angels whether you are on earth or in heaven, either way!

By God's Grace

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