Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Being an Intuitive helps you avoid enough chaos to survive

If you actually want to survive to old age and to help your family and friends have good lives too, then developing your instincts and intuition is a good idea. When I look back at human beings hundreds of thousands of years I realize one thing. Without very very instinctual and intuitive people guiding the humans that survived all that we ALL would have long ago gone extinct as a race here on earth.

So, in the end it is about avoiding enough psychological and physical Chaos so you can survive to create a better future for yourselves and your children and your friends.

This is what it actually is all about. Tyrants have always existed. They are nothing new. The point is to get as far away from the influence of Tyrants that you can so you can help your children and families to survive them all worldwide.

So, by developing your instinctual and intuitive skills you just "KNOW" better where to be and where not to be. This week I got a very bad feeling that I shouldn't go to Mt. Shasta and I was right (even before anyone told me it wasn't a good idea). So, being able to get a "SENSE" about a decisions or situation and making a good call is how people survive their lives and it has always been that way.

Making crazy decisions mostly gets people maimed or killed and shortens their lives considerably. So, learning to make better and better decisions in every moment allows you and your friends and families to better survive and have happier longer lives ongoing far into the future.

People talk about Global Climate change and it's true I only expect about 1 billion people to be left on earth by 2100 if that.

But, wouldn't you prefer to  be one of the people that is alive then rather than the billions who won't make it?

By developing your instinctual and intuitive skills this is the beginning of you and your children still being one of the 1 billion still alive then on earth.

By God's Grace

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