Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maitreya June 2010

Buddha brought Compassion and this quality changed societies around the world whether they became Buddhist or not.

Then Jesus brought Forgiveness which in the middle East with "An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth" was completely amazing.

When the Maitreya comes I believe he will bring Oneness. You will look in his eyes and see yourself and all other beings in the universe. You will not be able to kill another being because it would be like committing suicide. This Oneness will spread around the world and it will change people as much as Buddha and Jesus have already.

When I demanded that God appear to me or that I would commit suicide at age 21 when he took me to someplace like the Orion Nebula and appeared to me as a being made of energy and consciousness, he said, "You are taking all this too seriously. There are only two sins, taking life too seriously and not taking life seriously enough." Then God said to me, "To kill  is to cut off a finger or a toe of God".

Though God said much more to me then when I returned to my body I shook for a long time ( a few hours) and I was both galvanized and traumatized in a good way. God had realigned me into seeing life the way it really was and so I was a changed man from then on. I was ashamed that I ever considered suicide and ashamed that I hadn't been sure whether God was real or not before. I never questioned again whether God existed even though I knew then from personal experience that God is not a Man but energy and consciousness. Jesus was a man and probably experienced God and was empowered by Him as a Son of God.

I think what God meant when he said, "See no man after the flesh" meant that we are all God so to see us as limited lessens God in human form and therefore is a sin. I don't claim to be an expert at only seeing the good in people. I see people intuitively as what they are manifesting. But I also see them as God's children, everyone of them. I also see all God's creatures as God's children too. So I respect all beings even if some humans are ignorant of who they really are. As Jesus said, "Ye Are Gods!"
and "Even greater things than these shall ye do!"

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