Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pretty Blue Eyes june 12 2010

My 14 year old a few years ago got a 160 gigabyte IPOD. She put a few movies on it and several hundred songs but last year got one of the nanos which are smaller and lighter with less memory but found the nano more convenient. The 160 gigabyte wasn't working right anymore so we took it in and they exchanged it for a new one because we had insurance on it. So I sort of inherited it. My wife thought I could put movies on it for when we travel and play them on a hotel TV or my computer. However, I wasn't as into doing that so I started buying ITunes myself from my past glory days, which would start around the 1950s at about age 9 or 10 with something like "Pretty Blue Eyes" by Craig Douglas. I remember driving to church with my mother and playing this on the AM radio in Los Angeles. At that time there was a blue eyed blonde haired girl in school that I had childhood fantasies about. I think her name was Christina. So I listened to this song on the radio and started thinking about it and her. I think this was sort of the beginning of more adult thoughts in regard to music and girls in my life.

Later I bought through ITUNES other songs I liked or that made me laugh of that era like "Alley Oop" which is a song about a caveman newspaper cartoon character of that era. Then I moved a little closer to the present with "Maggie May" from 1969 when I lived in Venice, California. Later, there was Neil Young and the Harvest Album with "Heart of Gold" and "Old Man". I remember I was house sitting a mansion in the Palos Verdes area near the old Marineland which lay far below us as we looked out to sea. I was able to bring my girlfriend to the mansion as well as another couple one weekend which made it even more amazing to be there. Though I was going to College in San Diego I relieved the full time house sitter on weekends which often made for a really great experience there often.

Later still, in the early 1970s I learned to Astral Travel and to bi-locate consciously while listening to "White Bird" and Moody Blues songs like "Om" and "The Best Way to Travel". Also, I joined a mystical exploratory group of about 100 or more students in an Experimental College Class at San Diego State University called "Universal Awareness". It taught many advanced techniques of self and group realization that worked. I suppose that is the thing about that class, what was taught actually worked for me and lasted a lifetime of ever evolving enlightenment!

At the end of that class about 20 of us started getting together on Friday nights to practice the techniques that we had learned that had worked for us. We called ourselves "Awaening" for Awakening Awareness as a word mantra. We met for a year or more and many of the group stayed friends for years and years and several couples lived together or got married from that large group of spiritual explorers.

I remember a very powerful Deja Vu that I had as a little child. When I originally had this I wondered why so many of the young 18 to 25 year olds (mostly college age) people wore long hair or beards(as no one did when I was little (except Einstein). So when my Deja Vu came true I realized that these people were souls I had spiritually evolved with in other lifetimes come again. And I realized I was in the middle of something very very profound in my life and theirs.

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