Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Near Death Experiences

I was talking to a friend of the family tonight about how both she and I seem to have the ability to die psychologically and to survive  whereas many people don't seem to have this ability. I have seen many people go crazy or die at the first serious problem they encounter in life. Whereas others of us just seem to go on no matter what happens to us. Are the ones who die easily better off or are those of us who seem to go through almost anything and somehow some way survive it anyway. I don't really know the answer to this except to say both things happen in life to different people.

I was looking back at my life and realizing about every 10 years in my life since I was 2 years old there has been some kind of near death experience for me in my life either being a health issue or a divorce I didn't think I could make it through or something. I was really amazed to look at this issue in this way.

For example, at age 2 I got whooping cough and would cough until I turned blue and then pass out and then wake up and cough until I turned blue and then pass out. But the real trick between those who survive whooping cough and those who don't is knowing when to stop fighting the coughing. You just had to go with it because if you wasted all your energy fighting the cough then you were going to die. Even at 2 I realized this. I was smart even then. So even then I knew giving up was the only way to survive this. Those who didn't realize this just died fighting it.

The next near death experience started when I was 10 years old. But I didn't think I was going to die from it until I was 12 to 14 as the childhood epileptic seizures got worse. Now I know they were caused by a concussion I received when about 9 when I fell about 9 feet and hit the back of my head on a big rock. But then I didn't know what caused the seizures during the 1950s starting in 1958 until they stopped in 1963.

The first two obviously were physical near death experiences. Then came my first serious psychological near death at age 21. First I broke up with the girl I had gone with for 2 years that I intended to marry. Then I got excommunicated from my church  and the combination made me suicidal for a few years until I realized that religions and churches really had no relation to God but were social pacifiers. Whereas one's relationship with God was personal. So, for example, one can have a personal relationship with God, Jesus, Archangels and All the Saints and think churches and religions in general are only for the weak minded who cannot think for themselves, and who always have to have people to hold their hands even though those people will often betray them directly or indirectly all their lives.

When my live in girlfriend got pregnant and I got married and then my son was born I had a reason to stay alive and to raise my son right. So I did.

Then after 4 years of living together and 3 years of marriage we divorced in 1978 and I had another near death experience. I remember being in my 1968 Camaro and thinking that this was just so painful one day that I could get my Camaro up to about 100 on a country road and aim for a telephone pole. And then I saw my 3 year old son in the back seat in his car seat and knew I couldn't do that. So I stayed alive and raised him because I was given custody of him because I was the responsible one in the marriage.

A couple years later I remarried a lady with 2 kids from her first marriage in 1980. But then in 1994 we divorced after having a daughter in 1989. Then I remarried in 1995 in December and had another daughter with my new wife. Then because I couldn't get full custody (only joint legal custody) of my daughter born in 1989 I got a heart virus. (Most people tend to die of heart virus') Most people die because when they cannot oxygenate their blood no matter how fast they breathe they panic and die. But because I had studied with Tibetan Lamas and because I had had whooping cough I was able to give into it not fight it and to do a withdrawal meditation without panicking many many times so I lived. Between 80% to 95% of people don't have this kind of concentration or control to be able to do this so they die.  Also, another reason I survive was when this all started something else happened:

The day this all started was fall 1998. I woke up and couldn't feel my arms or fingers very well. So I walked into the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror my lips were turning blue. I knew this wasn't good. My wife was at work so I went into the living room and called my son who was 24 and in college nearby. I told him to come get me and take me to the hospital. As I waited for him in the living room many angels encircled me. I assumed I was dying and began to prepare for my death. But instead the angels started yelling at me in unison. They kept saying over and over, "You are not going to die. Your life will get better now" They said this over and over until I believed them. I think this is the reason I didn't die. And they were right, after being told by doctors I was likely going to die for 7 months I was suddenly okay again. The angels were completely right. So if your angels tell you something remember to listen to them because they likely are right.

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