Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I Write June 2nd 2010

I write for all the people in the world who would like things to be better than they are and who are willing to try to make it that way for themselves and all beings. As long as there are some of us that try to use our gifts to make things better, somehow I think they will get better. They might not get better in the way we expect, but those who move life forward will inspire others with their kindness and wisdom.

Sometimes I have gotten discouraged in my life and always someone showed up in my life who was an optimist who would not give up on me and so I moved forward. Or if they didn't show up somehow I was able to find a way to pull myself up by my own bootstraps so to speak. Where there's a will there's a way.

I started out as an idealist and during my 20s found that not practical enough for long term survival. So then I became more pragmatic. So now I would either see myself as an idealistic pragmatist or a realist but never just an idealist. I'm not pollyannaish enough to be an optimist. My bywords would be: "Always prepare for the worst while always hoping for the best in every situation." Since this was the pioneer American Spirit my parents (especially my father) taught me, I have found this always works. Because you are always prepared for anything sort of like a Boy Scout, and an Eagle Scout at that. But with this method I have always found a way to survive the unexpected in life which in the end is what you really need to worry about. The expected can almost always be survived but the unexpected is much more difficult to survive long term.

Look at the Oil Volcano in the Gulf of Mexico or Hurricane Katrina. In the long run this is bound to be much much worse than Hurricane Katrina economically at least upon the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida than any number of Hurricanes simply in the loss of livelihoods over the next 15 to 20 years. And this would be even if all the oil stopped right now today. Even though moving to another area to start over might be the best long term solution for these folks, many have lived there for 100 years or more so their families are very established and so would be unlikely to move. Eventually, Texas, Mexico, Cuba and other Carribbean Islands are likely to be affected both directly and indirectly by this.

Who could have realistically prepared for a catastrophe of this magnitude? No one could have predicted this outcome that I know of because just like 9-11 it is an impossible outcome. No one would have believed it even possible. These are the reasons why I believe in being adaptable and innovative in the way we all solve our problems. Not being adaptable in situations this dire means terrible outcomes for most people affected in both the long and short terms. Being able to think outside the box for those young enough to do it will help all members survive long term this long term (10 to 20 years or more) calamity for everyone living in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

Another example would be the Iceland Volcanoes. Though the first one is slowing down Katla, which is ten times larger and that has always gone off within a few months or years of the first one looks like it is getting ready to blow this year or sometime soon. If it goes like it has before the Mississippi River is said to have frozen all the way down to New Orleans one of those times and affected weather all over Europe and as far west as the Mississippi River and likely even further. If Katla blows it will greatly change a lot of things too. It will behoove all of us that live in Europe or the Eastern United States or even Canada to prepare a contingency plan of what we will do if this should happen. Like the Boy Scouts say, "Be Prepared (for anything)".

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