Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reality is imaginary and the imaginary is real

Either a little child or a fully functioning adult can completely understand this statement. And if you are an Australian Aborigine then you live it in your ancient religion.

This quote, "Reality is imaginary and the imaginary is real!" is a quote from  Vseslav Solo in his book
"The Fundamentals of magic"

Here are some other quotes in this vein:

"The world in which we live is a group visualization, which we have been taught to uphold from the day of our birth. In fact, this really is the only ting which one generation passes to another." quote by Victor Pelevin --- Chapaev and Emptiness (a.k.a. Buddha's Little Finger)

"What we call the physical universe is actually based upon agreement. The atom, for example, is simply an agreement among physicists. Now they have come to an agreement on the existence of an even greater number of smaller particles which they cannot even see." Luke Rhinehart---Transformation.

"It is impossible to comprehend the incomprehensible" Kozma Prutkov end quotes.

I found all these quotes at the beginning of the second Chapter of "The Art of Soaring" by Dolokov and Gurangov.

When I studied Philosophy in College I usually got an A in every Philosophy course I took. The reason for this is that I was 21 years old before I took any philosophy classes and by then had already read Herman Hesse's books like "Siddhartha", "Narcisus and Goldmund", and "Magester Ludi" And by the way Herman Hesse was a patient of Carl Jung's that he saved the life of.  The Tolkien Trilogy which was written by Tolkien as a way to psychologically survive everyone of his best friends dying alongside him in World War I in Europe was also helpful. Also, at the time I was 21 there were more people born in 1948 that had died in the Viet Nam War than any other. So I identified with Tolkien as my friends mostly returned as confused strangers from this war. So, why did I get an "A" in philosophy classes and participate so much in classroom discussions? Because having a good personal philosophy was a good way for me not to commit suicide directly or indirectly like many of my friends did during those times.

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