Saturday, April 15, 2017

Finding a place to Center is important in today's world

I have found that the single most important thing for me to stay alive is to find a way to stay centered.


Because if you can get into the flow of the right place and the right time like Buddha and Jesus did then everything in life will come to you.

Things in life come by grace.

Some people say that things come from hard work but that is only part of it.

The primary part of it is to get and to keep your center.

If you can attain and keep your center even when all around you are losing theirs your life tends to
go in an entirely different trajectory.

This I have observed over and over through the years.

What is the worst thing you can ever do?


Panic explodes your aura and you lose your power to do constructive things often and you become a victim of others by panicking.

So, finding out how you can find your center and keep your center no matter what is going on in your life is the key to happiness, peace and centeredness.

When you are kind to yourself you can also be kind to others.

When you are kind in a right mindful practical way to both yourself and others you tend to stay centered because all beings work for your enlightenment because it is in all their interests for you to be enlightened because you help their lives work better too.

This might confuse you if you are a dualist though.

What is a dualist?

That is a person who has to make everything in life either good or bad like a child does.

An adult knows there are infinite shades of Gray in each and every person. So, this one knows the most powerful path is one of compassion that takes oneself and ALL beings in the past, present and future into enlightenment and bliss.

If there really is evil it is ignorance. All true evil comes from ignorance. Once you understand this you are free.

You create your own heavens and hells by the way you are thinking and acting right now.

If you harm others you harm yourself too and create a hell for yourself to live in.

IF you help all others and yourself you create heavens for you and they to live in.

This is God's Law everywhere in the universe.

enlightenment for you and all beings in the past, present and future comes from compassion for yourself and all beings in the past, present and future in the universe.

Understanding this you are free.

By God's Grace

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