Sunday, April 16, 2017

Knowing where not to be when something bad happens

I think rather than to build a million dollar plus bunker with luxuries, if people are serious about surviving bad things they need to develop their intuitions so they learn where not to be when bad things happen.

Money would be better spent (if you are that rich) learning where not to be when really heavy shit comes down in life so you can survive.

For example, you have a 10 million dollar bunker somewhere but you aren't tuned in one day when you drive from your bunker to work and plow into a Semi Truck and become a part of it's grill permanently.

Your bunker didn't save you did it?

So, you have to be either intuitive or praying or something or else that bunker means less than nothing in regard to you staying alive.

One of the most out on a limb things I ever did because of God showing me about an upcoming earthquake was to take my family to Hawaii and watch that earthquake on TV in Hana, Maui in Fall 1989. Loma Prieta Earthquake (The epicenter was 6 miles from my family student Housing at my university)

Yes. I avoided the earthquake by being intuitive and saved my family but doing this likely helped cause my divorce within a few years too.

So, all this is much more complex than building a Bunker for ANY price in the end.

By God's Grace.

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