Sunday, April 16, 2017

The easier it is for people to access information the faster the changes to everything on earth

This is a completely logical assumption that anyone can make.

I was writing recently about how if I had a question in the 1950s I could ask my parents a question about anything as a child. They may or may not know the answer to my question. If I was really industrious I could go to our "American People's Encyclopedia" that we bought from a traveling salesman to our front door then, I might find the answer to my question if it was historical and public enough. Or if it wasn't there I might go find the answer in my local library by getting on my bicycle and riding several miles. And even then I may or may not find the answer to my question.

Today, if you have a smartphone with with wifi this might take only seconds to receive the answer to this question if you have cellular data or wifi right then.

So, you see how this speeds up everything, from inventions to children understanding something better instantly?

This then speeds up all changes here on earth exponentially and as our smarphones and laptop computers become faster and faster the world changes are only going to increase faster and faster and faster.

If you think your head is spinning now from all the changes, wait 10 or 20 years it will be 10 to 100 times faster.

So, this is the Culture Shock we are all going to experience if we are alive ongoing into the next 10 through 50 years because the level of changes are only going to increase exponentially as time goes on.

This is what leads to a Technological Singularity which will hit the first time sometime between 2025 and 2050 likely this century where humans have completely lost control of technology and technology is deciding all things for itself.

Already Artificial intelligence makes up it's own rules for solving problems already and could not tell you how it arrives at it's conclusions even if you asked it.

But, you can see it solving problems easily that you and I might not be able to solve ever.

Or a better way to say this is we would not choose the solutions AI might.

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