Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thoughts on Microfluidics

I'm beginning to understand more about the changes in physics on smaller levels.
Have you ever seen a dead ant or spider inside a droplet of rain outside?

Have you ever wondered what happened there?
It is about the surface tension of water when you are that size, so you can actually drown in a drop of water because you cannot get out when you are that size under certain conditions.

Another example, Jennifer Lawrence in (Passengers) with Chris Pratt almost dies when her swimming pool in space goes weightless for the same reason. (This could really happen by the way because you might not be able to break through the surface tension of water in a weightless environment.

For example, when a planet was blown up by a nuclear blast or blasts like Maldek was 65 million years ago, (our asteroid belt in the solar system) if you were scuba diving in the ocean at the time likely you couldn't break the surface tension of the ocean you were in if it went as a single globule out into space. However, it likely wouldn't be helpful even if you could break the surface tension in space because even if you got free of the ocean bubble of water in space you still couldn't breathe unless you had a space ship to get into.

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