Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump: Most Hawklike President since Reagan?

I think at this point Trump may be being blackmailed by the American Intelligence agencies to be even more hawklike than Reagan. Whether Putin was blackmailing Trump before or not, it appears that he is now more afraid of our own intelligence on him that could put him in jail in the future more than anything else at this time.

So, I think war is inevitable because of this. Generals and the intelligence agencies likely would recommend this for a variety of reasons.

1. The first reason is the biggest single problem on earth is Terrorism. But Terrorism is caused almost completely by Overpopulation in certain areas of the world. It is also caused by killing pollution of water, air and land. So, reducing populations through ground and sea warfare (if it is controlled) would reduce world populations down to a more manageable level.

2. The second reason is that things are now so "Out of whack" on earth on a variety of levels.

One of these being that we actually have a president that has done so many illegal and immoral things that he could literally be blackmailed by anyone on earth in a variety of ways.

3. Trump himself is a "wild Card" much in the same way as Putin and Kim Jong Un and Assad.
What I mean by this is he has no empathy really for whether large groups of people live or die because of his personality disorder which is obvious to anyone who has ever studied about psychology or about personality disorders in the first place.

If you study this site on Wikipedia or any other site you see defined his problem psychologically and you can then figure out how this is likely going to manifest sort of like it did with Hitler who also had this same personality disorder.

The biggest single problem that I could see coming from Trump is millions dying around the world in various forms of "Collateral Damage" to whatever he does.
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