Monday, April 17, 2017

Why is a Compassionate Path the most powerful Path?

When one moves from always being angry like an animal to a geniune compassionate being that understands all beings because of intelligence and compassion, everything changes in that person's life.

As you become able to have compassion and understanding of all beings you begin to realize that our natural animal instincts of being angry and reactionary are often self defeating and harmful to oneself and to all others.

So, one works to go beyond those limitations.

When one does this they become a "Harmless" being.

This does not mean they cannot defend themselves, it actually is the opposite of that.

It means they know how to defend themselves in non-physical ways so they do not have to worry about ever being attacked again physically.

Once one enters the path of compassion and makes vows of harmlessness towards all beings and all creatures everything changes in that person's life.

One is often given supernatural abilities because one demonstrates not only compassion but wisdom and naturally one is given trust and power that most people simply do not have who act like animals in their lives.

So, this civilizing part of becoming a truly Compassionate and Wise Being helps all beings around that being and often others look to this wise and compassionate being for help.

So, this wisdom is often translated into wealth, power, helpfulness in an ongoing rise in every aspect of this person's life.

The more people you help (in all ways) the more people are going to help you.

This positive cycle and circle is never ending in ascendancy.

It is both an art and a science to be kind to yourself and all beings in a never ending way.

This is the building block of all true and good civilizations in the past, present and future of Earth.

By God's Grace

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