Friday, August 11, 2017

Are economic Sanctions a way for the U.S. and Europe to take over the free world economically?

I got to thinking about this. China has insulated itself from economic takeover by instituting State run Capitalism. this freezes out U.S. and European and any foreign countries from doing any real competition to their own Chinese government sanctioned state capitalistic entities within China.

However, are economic sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea a way to actually completely put these countries also out of business internationally?

So, from this point of view sanctions become literally the alternative to nuclear war. But, this might backfire in North Korea and in order to prevent economic collapse there bringing a change of government leadership, the might feel they have no alternative than to launch nuclear weapons.

Likewise, Trump feeling pressure to resign from office and feeling pressure that might put him or his family in Jail or even Pence in jail might launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea just to move attention away from himself and his family during this time. I don't think he cares at all about the millions would would die if he did this. He is very selfish in the end. Only he and his family matters.

So, I'm beginning to look at sanctions now as a way of waging economic war against undesirable regimes worldwide. And not to expect them fighting back in any way they can think of is to be sort of ridiculous.

So, for example, the sanctions against Russia by Obama really hurt Russia economically on top of the lower prices of oil caused by solar and wind power worldwide. So, Russia attacked our elections and put Trump in place. However, I'm not sure that is working out the way they wanted either.

However, it is almost as if China paid off Putin to do this because they have the most to gain from all of this in the short and long run.

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