Saturday, August 5, 2017

chem trails?

I never put much stock in this before because it never made good scientific sense before now.


Because when you have combustion out of a jet engine and there is any humidity at all in the air you are going to have a water vapor trail the shape of the heated water in the air which is like a long uninterrupted cloud especially at certain altitudes where this might happen more because of the right conditions.

However, today I was talking with someone who believed in all this and he gave me a potentially scientific explanation for what some "Chem Trails" might also be.

Let me digress to make more sense of this.

Why did the French Revolution happen in around 1793 or so in France?

The actual core reason most people still don't understand. People were starving. And instead of buying food from other countries so people wouldn't starve to death Marie Antoinette was quoted as saying "Let them eat Cake!" whether this was real or made up it's hard to say. But, even cake might not help much (because of the sugar) in place of a square meal when you are starving.

But, WHY were they starving?

Because the Iceland Volcanoes put so much pyroclastic ash into the air it occluded the sun and the French crops couldn't grow. Think about this for a moment. The French revolution was at core caused by Iceland volcanoes and the wind currents that pyroclastic glass traveled on to occlude the atmosphere above France just before the French Revolution.

Think about adding some kind of powder like magnesium to jet fuel so small in size in particle size (or some other metal or alloy or even glass particles really really small that might occlude some of the effects of global warming but would not in any marked way harm the jet engines or their functioning:


imagine a nation wants to change the weather of a certain section of a certain country so that country's airliners carry kerosene jet fuel with small particles of something that will suspend itself in the air like pyroclastic glass particles do from a volcano in Iceland or anywhere on earth.

So, are Chem trails real?

I don't really know but imagine the possibilities. For example, on the ground diesel is often mixed with toxic substances by mafia run trucking companies so it is burnt up by the diesel trucks so they don't have to pay fines for toxic substances. Companies who don't want to pay fines for toxic substances have done stuff like this since at least the 40s or 50s if not before that. They just mix these toxic substances and as long as those substances don't destroy the dieself engines of trucks people have done this kind of thing for 50 years or more already. So, imagine what you could actually put in jet fuel for "ANY PURPOSE YOU MIGHT IMAGINE!" and I can imagine a lot of things people could actually do couldn't you?

And almost none of them are any good at all for people on the ground unless global warming is mitigated somewhat in this way worldwide or nation by nation.

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