Saturday, August 5, 2017

Angry Sex can result in violence and even death

If this is someone you love and you want them to stay in your lives long term I have learned you really don't ever want to have angry sex with them.


Because this stirs up subconscious animal instincts that are hard for anyone to control long term.

What is the difference between sex between people who love each other and violence and rape?

There is a lot of difference people.

And, for example, having angry sex with your lover or mate just because you are trying to keep them in your lives  (no matter what) often just leads to angry break ups, unwanted pregnancies and other problems along the way.

So, if you really love someone treat them always kind and gently if you want them to stay in your life. Otherwise, you or they at some point could easily turn on each other in a moment of passion because one or the other of you is experiencing violence, not lovemaking and then this is  either the end of the relationship or one or both of you might die in the ensuing group of very human reactions to this situation.

OF course then there are people who make very strange agreements with each other, but then it is also important to realize you are often playing with fire because at core each of us is an animal at a certain level and unless you and your partner know yourselves quite well (and most people do not) violence resulting in maiming or death could be the result.

But, maybe more than anything is you have to have a sense of humor about this whole thing. Think about how ridiculous sex is really for anyone to engage in any time. If you can both laugh at yourselves and have good communication you can avoid most problems before those mole hills become mountains and become insolvable between people.

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