Friday, August 4, 2017

Where do beliefs come from?

I'm maybe asking a different question than you might think.

For example, while I was learning Peer Counseling around 2000 AD the facilitator asked us to remember before we were domesticated which mostly means to remember things before you are 1 year old before you learned to be sort of like a trained monkey by the use of food by whoever raised you from zero to 5 years of age.

For example, I remember when I was likely within the first month or two of my life after I delved into myself deeper than domesticated human memories. I remember thinking like a little animal where I would do almost anything for breast milk because it was life itself. So, whatever made this being happy so it would keep feeding me and taking care of me was what I would do to attain food attain nourishment to attain milk to stay alive. And this consciousness was NOT civilized at all but might resemble any animal wanting to be fed and cared for and wiling to do literally anything to be taken care of because as a baby we are completely helpless unlike many other animals.

So, I guess what I'm asking is how do we first create beliefs that allow us to stay alive? This might be an important field of study because without that first level of voluntary domestication in order to be fed one doesn't survive to be even 1 year old ever.

But, it is precisely because we are so helpless for so long (unlike any other creature on earth) we become civilized mostly by our caregivers withholding food from us strategically if we don't do what they want or act the way they want. This is very very stressful for a young human being because the wrong action could result in death. And does often especially if the caregiver isn't grown up to care for a baby let alone themselves at that point in their lives.

So, becoming civilized as babies is a lot about how we form the beliefs that allow us to survive in our lives at all. Once we make it to 4 or 5 it becomes a whole new level or belief system that allows us to survive then. But, the first level is just right after we are born, our umbilical cord is cut, our mouths are cleaned out one way or another so we can breathe but then it is through eating milk that the first steps towards being a civilized human being come to us which make the difference of whether we live or die in the beginning in the middle and in the end.

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