Tuesday, August 8, 2017


My wife called a relative who actually knew where the password to the router was. Your router today often is about a foot tall and about 2 inches wide with one or more blinking lights if you are with companies like Comcast, Cox or others around the nation. We found they had kept the original configuration at this house so it was written on the bottom of the router which appears to be the way many people leave theirs today if they don't want to customize the router. The name of the router wifi system can also be the number on the bottom of your router as well. This one also contained a little yellow sign which says "Personal emergency alarm DO NOT UNPLUG Plug into a standard telephone line only.

At first I was thinking they meant don't unplug this from the power which is a normal thing to do to reset it when problems exist online where you aren't getting the right bandwidth etc. Often computer types of devices all kinds like smartphones, routers, ipads, computers etc. get a glitch of some kind and you have to turn them off so they can reset all their functions by powering up once again. Doing this can heal many problems in  a computer type of device with one or more chips in it. So, this is good to know with all smart devices these days.

Anyway, I guess unplugging it from the phone line is a problem but not unplugging it from the power to reset it. Strange!

So, anyway, finally, I have a wifi here in southern California working because at a certain point after burning up several hundred megabytes of cellular data on my phone it stopped working as well with my personal hotspot through my Iphone. So, I'm grateful to have a wifi access.

We went to see Wonder Woman again last night after going out to eat on a nearby pier at a nice restaurant. It is still playing locally and possibly where you live too if you missed it when it first came out. My youngest daughter had problems with it but for me I found it very entertaining. Another friend from Santa Rosa traveling with us hadn't seen it and enjoyed it a lot too. 

The weather has been pleasant even though the first night the house was very hot from being shut up without any new or cooler air going into it during the cooler nights. But, by last night we had aired the house out and it has stayed cool ever since here near the beach.

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