Monday, August 7, 2017

Liberal points of view often are not financially practical

Let me explain why I am not a Liberal or a conservative:

A good example is Obamacare. It isn't financially practical unless well people buy into it. Even then government will have to subsidize it or insurance companies simply will not participate. But, Obama bridged the divide for the first time in U.S. history with Obamacare.

But, the problem became (no Republicans voted for it) without bi-partisanship it wasn't going to fly.

Conservative Republicans look at Obamacare and it gives them the willies because they look at places like Sweden and Norway and even England and France with maybe 60 to 70% taxes whereas our income tax is around 25 to 35% for most people who work or have an income (wages are taxed differently from passive income by the way.

So, we see that rich Republicans don't want to pay for poor people to stay alive.


Because they believe there are too many people anyway so if some of them (or a lot of them die) it's okay. There's more for everyone else.

But, they are not going to tel you this they are going to talk sideways and lie to you about it.

So, my point of view is I supported Obamacare because 20 million people had health insurance because they found a way (temporarily to do this).

However, when Trump talks about Obamacare he lies to you saying "It's dying of it's own weight."

But, this isn't true at all. Obamacare is only dying because Republicans want it to.

However, then the problem becomes what about all the people that are going to die now that Trump is letting Obamacare die by pushing it off a cliff?

Now, here's the real problem. Trump possibly could get away with saying "Obamacare is dying of it's own weight" when the truth is he is pushing it off a cliff any way he can.

So, who is right Repbublicans or Democrats?

In some ways they both are right on different levels.

Republicans are rich white dudes.

And Democrats are everyone else.

However, rich white dudes own 90% or more of the wealth in this country.

So, this is the problem.

Rich white dudes don't want to pay for anything for anyone else and Democrats want rich white dudes to pay for everything practical or not.

Here in a nutshell is the real problem we all face in our government.

So, what happens?

All sorts of crazy stuff that changes slightly year to year as more and more people die that should actually have health insurance but don't. So, they go bankrupt and die instead of living because they cannot get consistent healthcare, only emergency care.

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