Monday, August 7, 2017

I found some interesting political cartoons in "The Week"

The first one I thought was great was one where in the first picture you see Trump's face and on his face here is what he is saying"When don jr. met with a Russian lawyer it was about adoption. Then in the next part of the cartoon you see Trump in a baby carriage being pushed by Putin and Trump says to Putin "Right Daddy?"

The next cartoon you see is the white house but it is set up like it's a Macdonalds selling stuff and the person next to the drive through window says "Do you want lies with that?"

The third one I liked at "The Week" July 28th 2017 issue is:

You see two men one of 1973 and one of 2017 with a "make America Great Again" hat and both of them look at a newspaper and are saying "Thing Go!"

which means they don't want Watergate to take out their president and they don't want "More Russia revelations to take out their president. The Cartoon intimates that both situations are the same.

However, I consider the Russian problem to be much worse than what we went through with Nixon.

Nixon had his problems but at least he wasn't using the system against us all and only for Trump like Trump is.

Trump is an expert at "GAMING the system for profit. Unfortunately, TRump unlike Nixon could be the death of all of us especially because of North Korea. While Trump is busy gaming the system we all just might turn into radioactive dust.


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