Monday, August 7, 2017

On one level it doesn't matter whether the Russian government or Russian Oligarchs financed U.S. election hacking


Because if this happened and the Russian government didn't stop them then there was collusion between the hackers and the Russian Government and therefore de facto the government has demonstrated it has declared war on our democracy.

You don't have to  (Now days) have tanks and troops and missiles if you are attacking democracies like Putin appears to be doing. You can use Facebook and Fake News (real fake news) not Trump's so called fake news. So, I'm going to call Trump's fake news "Fake Fake News" which is actually real news. (because of the double negative).

So, by not stopping the thousands of hackers who hacked into our elections from Russia the entire year of 2016 or longer, the Russian Government colluded with those hackers by allowing them to do this.

So, by not stopping them they have declared war on this democracy and all democracies (because they are also hacking elections now through out Europe and did so before they hacked the U.S.

If you attack the governing principle of Democracy around the world, then Russia demonstrates (no matter who in Russia is doing this) that they have declared war on all democratic nations.

Just because Russia is a Putin governed dictatorship like Germany was once a Hitler governed dictatorship doesn't mean that's what all democracies want too!

So, by allowing Russians to attack ALL democracies Russia has declared de facto war against all democracies ongoing.

And anyone helping him directly or indirectly including Trump and his family or associates therefore likely will eventually be proven a traitor by co-operating in any way with Putin's government in this war on Democracies worldwide.

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