Monday, August 7, 2017

Why do you believe what you believe as an adult?

It starts with conception and who your mother or father or who raised you were. And what were their beliefs. Then did you trust these people or did they abuse you so you stopped  believing what they believed? What was your relationship with them? What was your relationship with your best friends, your aunts and uncles and grandparents?

All these relationships and how they treated you develop your belief system. Then as an 18 to 25 year old did you visit other countries? What was your experience of those countries and the people you met?

If you traveled to other countries (especially to Europe from the U.S.) you are going to be very very different in how you perceive reality than your friends (especially in middle America if you grew up far from the shores or big cities of America.

So, the more international your viewpoint becomes, if you are practical you might gravitate to being something like an Independent in your thinking like me.

But, if you  never traveled at all you likely will either be very conservative or very liberal. If you grew up in the Country away from big cities in a heavy duty white Christian community and never traveled outside the country then very likely you are going to be very conservative and suspiscious of all media not from your little town.

But, if you grew up in a really big city, likely you are going to be very liberal and think Conservative Christian Republicans are retarded mostly especially if they don't have college degrees because you can see Conservative Republican uneducated mostly voting directly against their own interests and hte interests long term of their children.

Because Conservative Causes in the end ONLY benefit the rich and make poorer people die sooner without clean air, clean water, or clean earth and then they are going to also be dying from global warming especially if they can't afford an air conditioner to sit next to in their homes (if they have one) to keep them from getting heat prostration, especially now during August and September many places in the U.S.

So, at a certain point if you are like me that has lived both in the city and in the country during one's life and have traveled a lot around the world you likely are going to understand conservatives and understand liberals too.

So, you will see the problem with liberalism is it isn't financially practical. The problem with Conservatism is it is often a convenient lie for the rich to tel poorer people who are not educated enough to understand critical thinking.

So, at this point I became an independent because I saw how both liberals and conservatives bamboozle the uneducated.

Because in the end "There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so!"

And if you are not practical and educated enough to understand this whether you are rich or poor your life is screwed!

In the times of kings they made the rules whether you or I died. Now people with bad motivations both liberal and conservative cause our deaths in various ways.

The point is: "You have to understand what is happening to you no matter what your political point of view is or you are just screwed in your life believing things that just are not true at all.

Politics is always sleight of hand like a shell game. If you understand this you might be able to survive in your life, if not you might have no future at all.

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