Thursday, August 3, 2017

I was listening to Joe Scarborough talk on Colbert (a recording) last night

And Joe Sarborough mentioned that Trump has changed the last few years from who he used to be.

He didn't used to be as troubled as he is now which could be that he is being blackmailed by Russian Oligarchs financially because of shady dealings which he is known for in business. Tillerson (Secrictary of State) might also be being blackmailed I was thinking too because both Trump and Tillerson are "High Rollers" in other words financial risk takers on an international stage. So, for both of of them their personal survival and the survival of their families they might put above what is actually good for our nation and the world.

For example, Tillerson is denying the $80 million that Obama set aside for the State department to fight Russian propaganda. Why is he doing this and leaving the money at the Pentagon which will be gone by September the way the Obama administration set it up. Why is the state department so undermanned and why isn't it working to combat Russian Fake News? Why are Tillerson and Trump not defending the U.S. and all other nations against Russia and possibly China by countering all their constant Fake news with U.S. Truths?

I'm thinking the ONLY reason this all makes sense is that both are being blackmailed successfully now by China and Russia to the detriment or fall of the U.S. and the rest of the democracies on earth.

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