Thursday, August 3, 2017

There has never been a time when the world wasn't crazy

It's just a different version of crazy now.

When I was growing up it was crazy mostly because of World War II veterans with severe PTSD killing each other and their families and children. So, little kids like myself in the 1950s knew there was just something very wrong with a whole lot of men who were Veterans of World War II. They didn't call it PTSD then they called it "Battle Fatigue" and when General Patton slapped one of them for crying in his presence it became a scandal during world War II. But then again Patton was known for winning battles (at all costs) including a man I mentioned in another article who was the ONLY one of his whole company of men to survive from Patton's onslaught of Italy driving out the German army then.

By the way a company of men is 80 to 250 men. So, when I say only one man survived out of a company of men you see what I'm talking about. This was the way world war II actually was.

And ANY that survived relived this horror movie of losing all their buddies every day of their lives after that. And this made them pretty crazy until they killed themselves or others in the 1940s, 1950s and by the 1960s we had soldiers coming home with PTSD from Viet nam and then they started killing themselves and their families and friends all over again.

So, there is never a time when the world isn't crazy from war and what it does now to men and women who fight in these wars and who come home as ghosts of their former selves with PTSD.

By Ghosts I mean many of them are literally the walking dead. They just haven't chosen to die yet.

So, yes, the world has always been crazy and is crazy still.

But then, you look at John McCain as a hero not only of the Viet Nam war but still of the Senate at 80 and then you have to re-evaluate everything!

So then, we see that many come back from war as Ghosts of their former selves. Some become like Senator McCain and stay heroes, some become like Saint Francis of Asisi, and some you see walking down the street since the Viet Nam War still talking to themselves.

This is exactly why we need to keep North Korean ICBMS out of the U.S.!

Or there will be whole cities (the remains of them) filled with the walking wounded of men, women and children which is a disaster for any country having to actually deal with this ongoing.

All the people who will have seen their friends and relatives die horribly is not what we need right now or ever!

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and car accidents are bad enough!

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