Thursday, August 3, 2017

Three Monsoon thunderstorms look to be heading towards SF

It's hard to say if they will get here because they are heading over mountains and deserts. Mountains cause rain to drop usually and deserts tend to dry out storms because they are usually dry areas. So, whether they get here on not is debatable. But, if they don't dry up or blow out or rain down, likely something is going to hit somewhere between Big Sur and Santa Rosa given their present wind trajectory so far. So, what I'm looking at is around Las Vegas and northern Arizona and the High Sierras so far. just go to

This is what I'm looking at right now. if you use the minus or plus keys you can either see the whole state or a group of states or the whole country and then you can put it in motion with the play button at the bottom. So you can drill down anywhere in the U.S. and find out even within 5 minutes whether it is raining or not outside where you live. I often look at this before I go outside to see if it is going to rain or not soon here in the winter and spring especially if I want to walk my dogs in the forest or at the beach.

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