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I really enjoyed this movie. I felt it showed someone who succeeded even with a silver spoon in his mouth. I've known enough wealthy people to see actually how hard it really is to succeed even with a silver spoon in your mouth since I was about in my 40s.

Success, whether you are rich or poor is always a fluke, always an anomaly. Where you start out in life might make some difference but in the end being raised rich can actually go against you as much as being raised poor. This I have seen now from many different sides. Either way, in the end, you have to lift yourself by your own bootstraps or you won't succeed no matter what. Mostly I would say it is learning to believe in yourself almost as much as you might believe in God. Without this, there is no real success ever.

However, one of the most interesting things in the movie is a meeting about going into IRaq with our troops to overthrow Saddam Hussein which makes one realize just how arbitrary this decision actually was at the time. It makes one wonder if the Viet Nam War decision was as arbitrary as the Iraq war decision was. I think maybe if Kennedy had stayed alive we might have left Viet Nam by 1965.

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