Saturday, September 29, 2018

It's raining hard now in Mt. Shasta

I hope it puts all the fires out. It's definitely cleaning the air of all the smoke locally (but the smoke wasn't bad today). When I went to Castle lake Yesterday with a friend the smoke blotted out the sky almost completely but we also couldn't smell the smoke even then because the smoke was high (at least 10,000 feet) but still blocked out the sun like it was sunset or something. The weather radar says it's raining from about Redding all the way up to Eugene and Bend Oregon so hopefully all the California fires and southern Oregon fires will be completely out soon or dampened down so the fire men and women can get the fires completely out now.

Now the problem is going to be mudslides and rock slides from no trees or shrubs or grass to hold back the rain in California and Southern Oregon.

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