Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Our increasingly fragmented Country and World

When Americans cannot even decide which news is true or worth reading or not, the question of what is actually true becomes lost. At this point we are headed for bloodiness eventually on multiple fronts. On top of this Putin wants Trump to stay in (because he is enjoying the chaos Trump provides to the world) whereas China wants Trump gone (which means China is targeting specific voting areas with Tariffs specifically to turn companies and people against Trump through these pricing strategies). So, China (is not as far as we presently know) messing with American Voters directly like Russia is through propaganda but rather messing with people's livelihoods through Tariffs strategically applied to different areas of different states.

Whatever power Putin or China can successfully wield over America's future they will.

This is a given.

However, if Americans cannot even decide what is true and what isn't true in the news what's the point? IF we don't share a common reality we aren't even a nation that could fight it's way out of a paper bag. At least during World war II after Pearl Harbor we all reached a common cause. Could that even happen again? (either Pearl Harbor or a common cause?)

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