Saturday, September 29, 2018

Surviving your life

To me, the hardest thing about growing up is having to give up idealism and being forced by life to pragmatism and practicality. It tends to kill your soul to go through this process. But, either you do it by 30 or you are dysfunctional for life usually.

From 20 to 30 is the absolute worst part of this. My 20s were hell and I barely survived them to my 30s. I think the only thing that made sure I survived my 20s was my son who was born in 1974 when I was 26 and that's all. Otherwise, my terminal macho tendencies like rock climbing, off road motorcycles, driving cars too fast, etc. would have taken me out otherwise. Death was never a problem for me. Staying alive was always the problem because staying alive always seemed sort of insane (until my son was born and then I had a reason to stay alive and make sure he grew up).

It's not that you are forced to 100% give up idealism because we all need hope to stay alive at all. It is that we have to find a way forward. And you don't usually find a way forward through idealism but only through pragmatism and practicality and logic and reason.

So, in this sense growing up is going to "Break Everyone's heart" but if you don't become very practical and pragmatic and logical and reasonable you are not going to survive (unless someone else is taking care of you financially and otherwise).

God Help us all.

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